Salmon fishing in Spain is among the best in Europe – not only in terms of numbers and size of salmon captures but also in terms of the unspoilt beauty of the region and its rivers. Salmon beats in Spain are categorized as A, B, or C depending on their quality. Beats are typically up to 1km long and allow up to three fishermen to fish at the same time.

Salmon 2000 has secured fishing licenses of the best of the category ‘A’ salmon beats during their most productive dates for the new fishing season. These exceptional fishing licenses have been recently allocated by the Asturias Tourism Board exclusively for foreign tourists in an effort to develop salmon fishing tourism in the region. We are waiting for a great day of fly fishing always as a starting point our mythical Fly Shop


We are certain that we are both united by the same passion for fishing the majestic Atlantic salmon which is undoubtedly the pinnacle of all fishing and undeniably one of the most pleasurable pastimes that one can practice, in particular the subtle art of fly fishing. Surely many of you have travelled thousands of kilometres in search of the perfect salmon fishing destination.
Countries such as Iceland, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, and Canada among others are destinations of which we expect a high quality Atlantic salmon fishing experience. If you had the opportunity to visit all these destinations, you can consider yourself to be a very fortunate fisherman, however there are still more unique destinations that are occasionally forgotten but can be an excellent opportunity to enjoy salmon fishing.

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One of these destinations is Northern Spain which has all of the ideal conditions for fishing Atlantic salmon. For
centuries, Atlantic salmon have been enjoyed in the crystal clear waters of the River Narcea, River Sella, River
Cares-Deva, River Nalon and River Eo among others. These are rivers where every year anglers catch large
numbers of mature Atlantic salmon in a truly majestic setting. The region surrounding these rivers is also well
known for its outstanding unspoilt natural beauty, culture and cuisine and is a haven for hikers and ramblers.




Our organisation ‘Salmon 2000 SL’ specializes in organising fishing trips and especially salmon fishing in major
destinations around the world, you would like to offer you the possibility to fish Atlantic salmon in one of these
rivers in Northern Spain this coming season. As the only official organisation authorized by the Principality of
Asturias to offer salmon fishing to private foreign guests in Northern Spain, we can offer a number of packages
for the best fishing in the private (grade ‘A’) fishing pools of the Rivers of Asturias. Furthermore our agency
Salmon 2000 SL, with the help of our representatives in the area, will handle all the
details and needs that may require our customers in each of their trips.




The services we offer, in addition to obtaining fishing licenses for the most productive private salmon fishing
pools are; quality accommodation in hotels, cottages, beach apartments in idyllic locations, professional fishing
guides who know the different rivers, car rental, airport transfer and collection, tourism support, and travel insurance.
In short everything you need to enjoy incredible holiday fishing in northern Spain.
Another really important aspect of fishing in Northern Spain is the possibility of combining Atlantic salmon
fishing with family tourism. Northern Spain, in particular the Picos de Europa National Park, is undoubtedly one
of the most beautiful and varied places that exists in southern Europe. Not only is it an incredible destination
for Atlantic salmon fishing but is also one of the most unspoilt natural environments in Europe.







A strong local culture and distinctive cuisine, in addition to its traditional festivals, make this probably the best salmon fishing
destination that you could ever imagine. We believe that this upcoming season will be the time when you think of Asturias as your next destination for salmon fishing.  On the other hand we also invite you to visit our fly fishing shop in Barcelona where you can equip yourself in our Patagonia Store, buy fly rods or enjoy our authentic feathers of Gallo de León.





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